The Magic of Thinking Big by David J. Schwartz: Book Summary

The Magic of Thinking Big
The Magic of Thinking Big

The Magic of Thinking Big is a book on thinking big. This book is written by David J. Schwartz. A powerful, practical and uplifting book to help get you out of a rut, invigorate your goals and empower you towards success.

The Magic of Thinking Big Summary

The Magic of Thinking Big is a book on thinking big. This book is written by David J. Schwartz. This book was published in 1959, and it one of the bestsellers.

Chapter 1 – Believe you can succeed and you will

In this chapter, the author says that our success depends on our thinking. The bigger our thinking, the bigger success will be. The size of our success is determined by the size of belief.

We must think of success, not of failure. Thinking of success propels our minds to create plans to produce success. Thinking of failure does precisely the opposite. Successful people are the ones who have confidence in what they do.

Chapter 2: Cure Yourself of Excusitis, the Failure Disease

Highly successful people make fewer excuses. The more successful any person is, the fewer excuses he makes. They do not think of health or lack of time. They are always on task to achieve their goals.

We must practice a positive attitude because our attitude is more important than our intelligence. We must use our mind to create ideas, to find better and new ways to accomplish difficult tasks.

Chapter 3: Build Confidence and Destroy Fear

If we want to destroy our fear, then we must take action and do something. We must remember that action destroys fear. We should abandon fear and take affirmative action. We should strive to think of positivity always. We should refuse to remember painful and unpleasant events.

Chapter 4: How to Think Big

To become a big thinker, we should use big, bright, and positive words. We should use words that promise prosperity, success, hope, and happiness and avoid words that create a negative image of fear or failure. Life is an echo; we always get back what we put out. We should get above the small trivial things and focus on big objectives.

Chapter 5: How to Think and Dream Creatively

When we have a strong belief that something can be done, our mind finds the way to do it. Having faith in solutions will bring a solution to any problem. Our capability is a state of mind. To achieve big success, we must stretch our minds. We should get associated with who can help us with thinking of new ideas.

Chapter 6: You Are What You Think You Are

We become what we think. Uplifting our thoughts uplifts our actions, and this, in turn, produces success. We should believe that our work is important and people around you will also start thinking similarly.

Chapter 7: Manage Your Environment: Go First Class

We are products of our environment. Our environment changes the way we think. The people we surround ourselves with, the neighborhood we live in, the clothes we wear, all such things impact our thinking pattern. Our environment should be encouraging; it should act as a catalyst for our success.

Chapter 8: Make your Attitudes your Allies

We should broadcast good news. Nobody can accomplish anything positive by telling bad news. When we make people feel important, they do more for us. We should appreciate every work, done for us, however big or small. 

Chapter 9: Think Right Toward People

Our success in any endeavor depends on support and help from other people. To gain this support, we have to likable and acceptable. We should practice being the person people like. We should not blame others when we receive a setback. We should accept human differences and limitations. We must remember that the other person has a right to be different, and we don’t have a right to be a reformer.

Chapter 10: Get the Action Habit

Successful people develop a habit of taking action. They are the ones who do things. They don’t wait until everything becomes perfect. We should believe that ideas alone will not bring success. We have to use our actions to destroy fear and to gain confidence.

Chapter 11: How to Turn Defeat into Victory

Our response to failure is an essential part of attitude. We should use disappointments to pave the way to success. We must learn from it and then achieve success from next time. We should inculcate the habit of finding goods in any situation. We should only focus on the positive side and put down negativity.

Chapter 12: Use Goals to Help you Grow

Having clear and fathomable goals helps us visualize where we want to go. We should write goals on paper. We must allow our goals to be our automatic pilots. We should cultivate our mental power to make ourselves stronger to achieve our goals. We must regard every action that we take as a step toward our goal.

Chapter 13: How to Think Like a Leader

Our external world is the image of our inner world. We must take time out to strengthen our thinking power. We should spend time with successful people. We have to believe that there is magic in thinking big. We should regard setback as a lesson and learn from it and use this learning to propel us forward in life.


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